132 hours

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Nurses go through two years of classes and clinicals in order to graduate. This does not count the prerequisites to get into a nurse program which can take over a year. After graduating from nursing school, we have to pass a state mandated exam to get our actual RN license. Once we pass the exam, we apply to hospitals that have what is called a New Grad Program. This program usually involves shadowing an experienced nurse for anywhere from three to six months. Then, after being approved to be “on our own,” we get a smaller patient assignment with those that are not as sick and have a preceptor (experienced nurse) to help us. And we are nervous. We are scared. We worry every day that we are going to make a mistake, even with the years of the training and education.

Do you know how long the training program is for the proposed School Marshal program where FL teachers will be able to carry a gun to their classroom? 132 hours.

Do you know how many hours are in a week? 168.

I understand that being a nurse is more intense and we literally have people’s lives in our hands and so the required school, training, and education take about three years. And yet, we are at a time where we are giving teachers a job where they will have YOUR CHILDREN’S LIVES LITERALLY IN THEIR HANDS and the recommended training for this will be LESS THAN A WEEK.

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