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Christmas tree

This time last year I was really depressed and not taking care of myself. My job was trash, my mood was horrendous, and if I wasn’t sobbing, then I was mean to everyone. I kept turning down the suggestions to start antidepressants, even though both my therapist and primary doctor wanted me to try them, and

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Superpowers and control

This is an update to my posts My newfound superpower and Superpowers 2. My friend, @bornmiserable, drew me as a superhero and it was the best thing that’s happened in a long time. It lifted me up on a day (month) when I really fucking needed it. I wrote about my IIH diagnosis and my

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Superpowers 2

This is an update from my last post, My newfound superpower. I was supposed to start my new job last Monday. I had every intention of somehow powering through, even though I could not stand without thinking I was going to faint and I was in the bathroom every hour for sometimes 15 minutes or

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