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Christmas tree

This time last year I was really depressed and not taking care of myself. My job was trash, my mood was horrendous, and if I wasn’t sobbing, then I was mean to everyone. I kept turning down the suggestions to start antidepressants, even though both my therapist and primary doctor wanted me to try them, and

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Day six of antidepressants

This is an update from my last post about starting antidepressants. Today is day six of Lexapro 5mg. I should up my dose to 10mg on Thursday, but I am going to wait until Saturday in an effort to manage the side effects at home. It has been a weird roller coaster of feelings, folks.

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Guess I should try meds

Through my twenties I never understood depression or anxiety. I was that awful, “just think positive thoughts,” friend. I have since apologized to my friends that were struggling during that ignorant time of my life, and if you are reading this and I never reached out to you, this is my apology. I was a

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